Waarom kiezen voor duaal?

Door een wereld in verandering wordt de kloof tussen onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt steeds groter. Door een betere aansluiting met de werkvloer kunnen onderwijsinstellingen sneller inspelen op nieuwe technologieën, technieken en vaardigheden. Duaal leren zorgt voor een intense samenwerking tussen leerkrachten/docenten en het werkveld.

Nico Reeskens,
Chairman of Gan belgium

“The traditional forms of education can’t catch up any longer the expectations of the rapidly changing labour market. Soft skills like working in a team, creativity, critical thinking, self-reflection, empathy and the like are becoming more and more important. We need to strive for new educational systems that adequately prepare people adequately for the jobs of tomorrow. A lot is happening with regard to workplace learning, but the efforts are still too fragmented. It is GAN Belgium’s ambition to strengthen ties between the commercial sector, education sector and the government by combining existing initiatives and improving the reputation of workplace-learning.”

Global GAN Members like Accenture, Nestlé, IBM, Microsoft and The Adecco Group will actively participate in the Belgium project, further reinforced with companies such as Aveve, Colruyt and G4S. GAN Belgium alo focuses on small and medium companies to member to help advocate a closer link between the education sector and the labour market. GAN Belgium will share and exchange expertise and experiences about dual learning and other forms of workplace learning.

Experience Work Week

The Experience Work Week is an initiative by GAN Belgium based on the Experience Work Day organised by the Adecco Group. Throughout the week of 29 April we give young people exposure to the world of work. 7 members from different sectors will open their doors and turn their employees into mentors. You learn from them, not a textbook. They transmit their day-to-day knowledge to all future talents, creating an experience that really works for you.


For many young people, identifying the professional path that best fits their talents and personalities is the first and crucial challenge. Experience is paramount. More than 60% of young people surveyed in 13 countries in 2016 viewed the lack of work experience as the single biggest barrier to getting their dream jobs.


Through the Experience Work Week, GAN Belgium aims to offer youngsters an opportunity to experience the workplace of different sectors. This experience will help them making a well-considered choice when navigating towards their dream job.

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How do I participate?

Want to participate? Easy!

Just register through by clikcing the button above and you will be redirected towards a registration platform called 'Beeple'. Once you have compleded your registration you will be able to apply for various work experiences provided by different members.

Which organisations are participating?

Arvesta, Attentia, ISS, Ricoh, Suez, Voka and The Adecco Group

Which contract will be used?

For the Experience Work Week you will receive an internship contract for an observation internship. It is possible that an additional NDA (non-disclosure agreement) has to be signed at the beginning of the work experience. This may vary depending on the exposure to confidential information.

I have additional questions

For additional questions you can alwasy contact us by mail: info@gan-belgium.org

About the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN)

The GAN is a coalition of large companies, SMEs, international, business and employer organisations. Founding partners include the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Business at OECD (BIAC). Its main goal is to support company initiatives that teach young people the skills that businesses need and offer them career opportunities, through internships and workplace learning. GAN is a network where private companies, employer organisations and international bodies, work together to commit to more opportunities; advocate for the status of apprenticeship; share best practises; and, facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue, with the end goal to improve the youth unemployment rate.